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Desired salary: 700,000.00
Desired position type: Any.
Location: Pune Maharashtra, India

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• Highly skilled design & development engineer experienced in developing, designing, manufacturing and testing of various mechanical products.
• Qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering; expert skills in Pro/ENGINEERING, Creo2.0 and AutoCAD; and comprehensive knowledge of DFMEA, design control SOPs and various manufacturing processes.


  • Creo/Pro-E : 4.5 years

Spoken Languages

  • English Hindi Marathi


Pune University:
• Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (Grade : Distinction) – 08/2011
Pune Board:
• HSC (Grade : Distinction) – 05/2006 SSC (Grade : Distinction) – 05/2004


1] Schlumberger India Technology Center, Pune
PayRoll: Harita Techserv Ltd.
Design Engineer.
2 Years: 9th June 2014 till Date
Project Highlights:
• Key Design: A team member of forming finger Design team. It was based on the changed manufacturing process. Design & tolerance stack up was done.
• Machining Fixture Design: Machining fixture design which is used for the machining of down-hole tool. Also prepared BOM for the same.
• Continuous improvement project: Project regarding improvement in processes for performing the tasks with maximum accuracy.
• Connector Design: Connectors were designed with ref to API std. 7-2 in Oil & Gas industry.
Skill Set Used:-
• Tolerance stack up
• Engineering change management (ECR/ECO)
• Creo2.0 for 3D Modeling & Drawing.
• PLM tool Enovia
2] Equalize Solutions
Design Engineer
8 Months: 14th Oct. 2013 to 26th May 2014
Project Highlights:
• Casting Case of industrial gearbox: Optimization of casting case of industrial gearbox for reduced factor of safety. A team member of Design & Load calculation for various portion of the gearbox. Also assisted value engineering team for simulation.
Skill Set Used:-
• Creo2.0 tool for Modeling & Drawing
• Preparation of detailed Drawings for production
• To give training of Pro-E to colleagues.
• Communication with customer for Checking & Approval.
Client: – Premium Transmission Ltd.
3] Sintercom India Pvt. Ltd.
Design & Development Engineer.
1.5 Years: 21st June 2012 to 4th Oct 2013
Project Highlights:
• Sintered tool design: Various sintered tools were designed. These were required for manufacturing of Sintered components (Gears/Bosses/Bushes).
• Drilling Jig Design for Sintered Gear: Contributed in Designing, prototyping & testing the Drill Jig. 3D Modeling & manufacturing drawing created on creo tool.
• Creation & Modification of Control Plans: Control plans were created as per the requirement of process and handover to production dept.
• Digitalization of tool shop: Existing tools from the tool room were in AutoCAD format, converted them into pro-E format. Also some of the parts were not having any drawing or ref in the system, models & drawings were created by referring the physical tool.
Skill Set Used:-
• Creo2.0 for Modeling & Drawing
• Application of GD&T
• PTCs PDM Windchil Server.
• TS-16949 & ISO standards.
• Kaizen Project Team Member
• 5S Project Team Member
4] Rubicon Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Trainee Design Engineer.
6 Months: Sept 2011 to Mar 2012
Project Highlights:
• Piston & Connecting Rod of Rotary Engine : It is an assembly of Rotary Engine. It contains various parts such as Master Rod, Piston, Articulated Rod, Piston pin, Piston Ring etc.
• Towing Hook: This component is mounted on vehicle frame for towing purpose. It is a casting model.
• Square Threaded Screw Jack: It is a system used to support vehicle in case of emergencies. It contains Body, Tommy Bar, Screw Spindle, Nut, Cup are assembled and created associative drawings according to standards & generated BOM.
• Square Steam Engine: It is a steam engine containing Base, Body, Crank, Cylinder, Flywheel, Retainer Shaft etc.
Skill set used:
• 2D to 3D Conversion of Casting, Machining Components.
• Pro-E 4.0 used for Modeling & detailing
• Assembly management in Pro/E Wildfire software.
• Preparing detailed drawing for manufacturing.
• Development of B.O.M.
• Application of GD & T

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